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DLEACS' 2017 Graduation Prom

Many parents came together with friends and families reveling for hours in anticipation of seeing children dressed in their Sunday’s best. “They look sharp, don’t they?, said Principal Brewer. All gave a nod in unanimous agreement for DLEACS’ students who were dressed in high fashion for their graduation prom held at the Chandelier Restaurant in Bayonne, New Jersey.

The celebration for students is a custom at DLEACS, one in which children, parents and teachers alike usher a coming out party of sorts. Middle school teachers work tirelessly each year to provide a perfect simulation of a high school gala complete with decorations, gifts for each attendee and a sweets table. The event hits a high note when a collection of votes is taken for crowning the king and queen, prince and princess of the ball. Every student is a winner however as each takes meticulous measure to prepare for the occasion. 

As cultural mores have changed, so has the prom-- and while going stag was once social suicide, most of our kids attend in groups rather than as couples. But don't worry: between choosing the right outfit and learning the line dances taught by our own teachers, there's still more than enough anxiety to go around!

The students who were voted to place in DLEACS’ 2017 Prom Court are:

Bryce Barnes- King                          Nazir Wilson- Prince

Sheniqua Bradbury– Queen            Jada Pinkney - Princess

A special thanks go to Mr. Brewer, Mr. Mohr, Ms. Z. and Ms. Scam who spearheaded the event, Mrs. Padua, Ms. NK, Mr. Depeine, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Slack, Ms. W. and Ms. Wright for their support. 

Please see our Prom Video

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