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Read Across America 2023

Read Across America 2

Read Across America at DLEACS helps us celebrate books that impart lessons to enrich our lives, stimulate our curiosity, promote contemplation and reflection, and affirm the myriad of possibilities available to every child. We honor authors whose books inspire our students to dream big, expand the limits of their understanding, and explore diverse perspectives and cultures through the eyes of others. 

The 2023 Read Across America convening joined eight (8) community members with students committed to improving literacy amongst young readers and supporting the devoted educators on the front lines of this work. The group read to students in grades K-5. Those volunteers who read to students included:

Class     Teacher


Volunteer who read to students

K-6      Mrs. DeArmas     Mr. Christopher Garlin – CEO of DLEACS  
K-7  Ms. Mejia Lyric White
1-2 Ms. Gamble Police Officers Anton and Ziggy
1-3 Mrs. Nkrumah Ms. Natyra Brooks
2-4 Mrs. Johnson Mr. Craig Guy, Hudson County elected official and former policeman.
3-16 Ms. Seriosa Ms. Tahesha Weldon
3-18 Ms. Peets Fireman Eli Ramos
4-9 Ms. Erdman Paige Goins, student
4-10 Ms. Morton Tatianna Shaw, student
5-12 Ms. Robinson Mr. James Brewer, Principal
5-15 Ms. DeAngelo Mr. Keith Cummings, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity


We are encouraged to give students material that will stretch their imaginations and will help them make sense of their own lives. We know that literacy arouses hope, not only in society as a whole but also in the individual child who is striving for fulfillment, happiness, and personal benefit by learning how to read and write. 

A huge thank you goes to Mrs. Slack who coordinates the Read Across America at DLEACS. Her commitment to the annual event helps the school community recognize the value of literacy. That is why DLEACS brings the art of reading into our classrooms all year long. 

See photos of the Read Across America event here.

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