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Title 1 Parent Communication

Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial to a child’s academic success. In addition to parent-teacher conferences, Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School (DLEACS) provides a variety of ways for parents to maintain ongoing communication with their child’s teacher and support team.

ATTN PARENTS NEW! Documents for Parent Engagement!


Annual Parent Notice 

Parent Engagement Policy

School Parent Engagement Policy- * To be ratified at the January 2023 Meeting

Parent Compact- New updates under revision from 11/17/22 meeting

2019 Collaborative Monitoring Report


Title 1 Parent Informational Meeting

In the fall of every school year, DLEACS holds a Title 1 Information Meeting for parents. This orientation meeting is an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s academic team, receive information regarding the Title 1 program and curriculum, and address questions and/or concerns.


The Title 1 Parent Informational Meeting addresses the following:


Program Model:  The Title 1 program adheres to a push-in model, offering in-class support for reading, writing, and math. This allows for a lower student-teacher ratio, small group learning, and the implementation of a variety of teaching methods. Title 1 Academic Interventionists collaborate with classroom teachers and follow the same curriculum as adopted by the DLEACS District. 


Early Learning Intervention: Strategies that give children reading and writing activities they can implement at home to strengthen their comprehension skills, resulting in more proficient readers. Activities include fiction and nonfiction, vocabulary-building exercises, how to establish a reading routine, and suggestions focusing on literacy.  


Extended Day Support: Title 1 Academic Interventionists use the following eligibility criteria in the selection of students who would benefit from in-class and supplemental Title 1 support: Previous end-of-year grades in ELA and Math; September district diagnostic test results; differentiated Math and ELA matrix scores; standardized test results (if applicable); and teacher recommendation. 


The Parent Involvement Policy defines strategies for more effective parent involvement to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Parents are encouraged to give their comments and/or suggestions about the parent involvement policy.


Title 1 Back-To-School Night (September), Title 1 Annual Meeting (November) & Parent-Teacher Conferences (November & February)


Title 1 Back-to-School Night: Informational Meeting- is held every September. This evening gives parents the opportunity to meet their children’s teacher(s), receive a clear understanding of the curriculum, materials/resources, and instructional strategies being implemented within the classroom, and teacher expectations. Teachers are available for discussion and general questions.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:  Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice during the school year – November and February – which includes both afternoon and evening sessions. During this time, DLEACS schedules Parent-Teacher conferences. This is either in conjunction with the classroom teacher or separately. In addition, Title 1 Academic Interventionists are available throughout the school year to address any questions or concerns. To contact your school’s Title 1 Academic Interventionist(s), you can call the school and leave a message, send in a note with your child, or email directly.


  Title 1 Academic Resources and Websites


 DLEACS School District has websites that can be accessed through their individual school’s website as well as the individual program websites. These websites contain book suggestions as well as useful ELA and Math websites. They include iReady, IXL, Think Central and GoMath.