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Scarves on Trees

Capital K large scarf

If you drive down Ocean Avenue near Arlington Park, you may see something a little unusual. Colored scarves are hanging on trees. The same is true for Berry Lane. The note inscribed scarves were strategically placed there by Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School's (DLEACS) student culture and climate committee who are carrying out a new kindness initiative. The project is a ten-day motivation to impact school culture. 

In the 2016-2017 academic school year, Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School (DLEACS) became part of the Rutgers New Jersey School Transformation Climate Project. The venture is a three-year undertaking in conjunction with Rutgers University designed to assist schools in building a favorable school climate and culture that is inclusive of all students. As participants in this project, DLEACS received a $2,000 grant that has allowed the school to implement positive culture and climate strategies in its school community. The process also emphasizes the sustainability of inclusive school climate practice. The kindness initiative is the upshot to sustaining the program's existence. 

All are a part of Character Education programs that DLEACS offers to students as parallel to providing a rigorous academic experience. 

We are grateful to our parents and staff who donated outdoor accessories to the kindness initiative. Thanks also go to the student and climate committee, Officer Hopkins and Mr. Brewer and staff including Ms. Hofmann, Ms. Wright, Ms. Goff and Ms. Whyte for assisting the  day's  event. See pictures here.

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