What Makes Us Special?

Last Updated: 11/13/2019 10:30 PM

We are a K-8 community charter school with STEAM features (Science- Technology-Engineering-And-Math). 

 We have an extended school day, with additional options for before and aftercare. Our regular school day is 8am-3:30 pm for all students on Mondays through Thursdays and Fridays there us 12:45 pm dismissal. Students can arrive as early as 7:15 am for before-school care and leave as late as 6pm if participating in either our after- school or aftercare program. The extended school day allows students to benefit from double-periods in math and English language arts instruction while also enjoying well-rounded art and science education. 

 Our scholars receive eight weeks more of time in school than the typical student! From K-8 our scholars receive a total of two more years of academic instruction than their peers. 

 We are proud of our multi-building campus that has been educating students and the community for over a century, with a modern Science Lab and Music building. 

 We know that educational excellence coupled with character development supports the whole child. 

 We combine rigorous academic instruction with an emphasis on formal character education to result in high levels of student achievement, ethical character, and cultural literacy 

 A long history of support surrounds this campus. We maintain strong relationships with those partners committed to DLEACS’ success.