Sweetheart Dance for Grades K-2

K- Sweetheart Dance

The students in grades K-2 were cutting the rug at DLEACS' Sweetheart Dance on Friday, February 8th. Children and their parents lined the decorated cafeteria wearing their coordinated outfits to commemorate the signature occasion. A twist on the traditional; the sweetheart party featured both the father-daughter and mother-son pairings. The event presented music, light dinner, gifting, and a chance for parents and kids to bond. 

The Valentines Day inspired decorations were timeless. Multiple photo stations encouraged partygoers to take selfies to capture the time with their loved ones. Most parents favored the disc jockey's music; which was reminiscent of R&B, mixed with some of today's favorite soul songs.

Just as the Harlem Renaissance saw the development of the growth of a rich musical and dance life: clubs (Cotton Club), ballrooms (Savoy Ballroom), the home rent party and other spaces as the birthplaces of new dances, DLEACS Sweetheart Dance showcased student moves where all took note. 

 In all, the evening went off without a hitch. K-2 teachers outdid themselves once again in sparing no effort to set the scene for continued cultural and family development. See photos of the sweetheart dance here.

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