Overview of Curriculum

The DLEACS School Curriculum is designed to meet the NJ Core Curriculum Standards, enhanced where appropriate by the core knowledge remediation of essentials (such as in ED Hirsch’s core curriculum), and character Read 180 for grades 4-8, and Math for grades 180 6-8/Do the Math for grades 1-5 development essentials (in our Character Education program). We are in the process of launching a Character Education program with refined outcomes at each grade cluster level (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8). 

We take students beyond the mastery of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards by introducing specific academic content to the learning experience. We do this is an ordered, age and grade appropriate and in the following ways: 

An additional feature of our school curriculum is STEAM features, which stands for Science – Technology/Engineering- Arts – Math. At DLEACS all of our students enroll each year in Science – Technology - Arts – Math. A stand-alone Science and Music Learning Center, renovated in 2015, provides the space and environment for more in-depth learning.